A Wide Array of Valuation Services

Valuation Specialists LLC provide a wide range of valuation services for all types of applications. We can provide machinery and equipment, real estate, and business valuations in house. We can also provide a broad variety of personal property valuations through our trusted network of contracted appraisers.

We take every factor into consideration during appraisal including the purpose for which the item is being appraised. With our experience and thoroughness, we can guarantee an accurate and reliable valuation on your property.

Through years of experience, we have gained an understanding of which valuation methods are appropriate in different situations.

Learn More About Valuation Methods

Limited Scope Valuation: This is used to determine the current market value of your business, but supporting documentation is not provided.

Full Scope Valuation: An asset or stock-based valuation; this valuation is most often used for internal purposes such as planning for sale or obtaining lender financing. This method provides less documentation and less analysis explanation than comprehensive.

Comprehensive Valuation: An asset or stock-based valuation; these are required for pending litigation, IRS audits, partnership disputes, and more. Provides more documentation than a full scope valuation.

Update Valuation: Primarily used when a previous audit has been conducted; the same type of valuations is conducted as before for less cost.

Rush Valuation: Expedited valuation process.

Middle Market Valuation: Typically required for larger companies with annual sales in excess of $20,000,000; focused on industry, demographics, and financial analysis
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