Business Valuations

Business Valuation

Reliable Business Valuations

Valuation Specialists LLC can determine the value of your business by analyzing cash flow, capitalized earning, excess earning, specific intangible assets, market analysis, demographic studies, and researching the sale of similar companies.

We can handle a high volume, which means we save you money.

We tailor our valuation approach to meet the needs of all types of businesses including retail businesses and small businesses. We have experience working with businesses of all sizes and have a thorough understanding of the process and industry.

We provide valuations across all 50 states.

Let Us Help You Determine Your Company's Market Value

Trust us to give you an accurate understanding of your company's market value. This information is extremely important in the case of business mergers, divorces, partnership disputes, bank financing, estate planning and purchases or sales.

Our evaluation is based on capitalized earning, excess earning, cash flow, tangible assets, cost to create, value of specific intangible assets, and more.

As a nationwide valuation firm, we can provide you with the breadth of services many other firms can't, which means you get a complete picture of your company's price.

We also have experience providing stock valuation services for companies from all industries. It's important that you let experienced specialists assess the value of your stocks.
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