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VALUATION SPECIALISTS provides a broad variety of valuation services for numerous purposes. Machinery and equipment, real estate, and business valuations can be conducted in house by our appraisal professionals. Additionally, personal property such as art and jewelry can be appraised through VALUATION SPECIALISTS by our trusted network of contracted appraisers. A main consideration to be conscious of in the valuation process is the purpose for which an item is being appraised. For example, the appraisal of a business for tax purposes can produce a significantly different value than one for the sale of the same business. As a full service appraisal firm, VALUATION SPECIALISTS possesses experience in a wide range of industries and appraisal types.

The Model for a Successful Valuation

1. The Business Owner or Advisor (Client) places a call or sends an email to one of our VALUATION SPECIALISTS Client Managers looking to start the valuation process.

2. Once the Client Manager addresses all questions, it is determined which business evaluation product best suits the client's needs, then the services agreement is emailed or faxed, along with the client questionnaire and a list of required supporting documentation.

3. The Client then completes and signs all of the forms. All the required financial/supporting documentation is then mailed to VALUATION SPECIALISTS, along with payment.

4. After the Client Manager reviews the information provided for completeness, financial information is adjusted, and additional communication with the Client is performed to ensure that everything has been covered.

5. The Client Manager submits all information and an initial analysis to one of our Valuation Analyst's for final preparation of the valuation.

6. The Valuation Analyst will present a draft copy of the final report to the Client Manager for review and approval.

7. Once the final report has been reviewed and approved by the Client Manager, the VALUATION SPECIALISTS administrative team will package the valuation report and mail it back to the Client.

Our valuation experts hold various credentials, and their expertise has been derived through valuations within almost every industry imaginable. We work with companies of all sizes, continuously analyzing our client's needs and tailoring our expertise appropriately.

As a result of our vast experience with the various reasons for business appraisal, we've developed an understanding of which valuation methods are appropriate for each appraisal needed. This knowledge is the driving factor behind our Limited Scope, Full Scope, Certified Valuations, and Certified Equipment/Machinery Appraisals.

Valuation Reports

LIMITED SCOPE VALUATION: Primarily used to determine the current market value of a client's business, but supporting documentation is not provided.

FULL SCOPE VALUATION: An asset-based or stock-based valuation. This valuation is most often used for internal purposes such as planning for sale, conducting annual reviews, or obtaining lender financing. It uses the same methods as the Comprehensive Valuation, but provides less documentation and less analysis explanation. Pricing varies based on valuation type and purpose.

COMPREHENSIVE VALUATION: An asset-based or stock-based valuation. Comprehensive valuations are required for pending litigation, IRS audits, partnership disputes, gift/estate planning, and for sellers, buyers, or lenders planning for the sale of a business that desire more in-depth analysis and documentation than the Full Scope Valuation provides.

UPDATE VALUATION: Primarily used when a client has previously had a valuation conducted, usually from prior years. We perform the same type of valuation as previous valuations for less cost as a result of supporting analysis that had already been completed.

RUSH VALUATION: An expedited valuation process, the Rush Valuation moves your request to the front of the line.

MIDDLE-MARKET VALUATION: Typically required for larger companies with annual sales in excess of $20,000,000. It uses the same methods as the other valuations, but focuses more closely on industry, demographic, and financial analysis.

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