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Real estate valuations have become increasingly more common among lenders and buyers. Regulatory as well as legal pressures have forced lending institutions to obtain unbiased third party estimates. Additionally, it has become practically mandatory that the appraiser be certified.

The VALUATION SPECIALISTS Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisers have performed hundreds of extensive appraisals worldwide, and have earned an unmatched reputation for quality and accuracy.

VALUATION SPECIALISTS is a first-class appraisal firm that can offer business, real estate, and machinery & equipment appraisals. Our competitors often just estimate or even ignore a company's hard assets. Even worse, many use the “Book Value” as it's stated on the balance sheet. The majority of accountants and, more importantly, the Internal Revenue Service agree that the balance sheet values for machinery and equipment often do not reflect actual “Market Value.” Balance Sheet values are based on depreciation schedules that are determined by tax codes, and tend to vary greatly from the actual useful life of the equipment. Basically, theses values are tax driven and are not fair market. It is not unusual for many assets to be classified as having little or no monetary value due to the amount of their use and consequent depreciation. However, if these assets are still being used to complete tasks necessary to keep the business going, they maintain some form of value. When a company is being evaluated, all fixed assets should be adjusted to reflect fair market value, providing accurate values for tangible and intangible assets alike.

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