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Having an accurate understanding of your company's market value is important. This can become a necessity in the case of business mergers, divorces, partnership disputes, bank financing, estate planning and purchases or sales. Knowing where your company stands in the marketplace provides you not only with piece of mind, but with the power to make informed decisions. At VALUATION SPECIALISTS, our job is to provide you with both.

The methodologies applied to each company are based on evaluation of capitalized earning, excess earning, cash flow, tangible assets, cost to create, value of specific intangible assets, and more. We also refer to a nationwide comparison of businesses sold in the same industry to ensure that your company is being represented appropriately. In addition to these methodologies, our more extensive business valuations evaluate industry analysis and demographic studies.

Besides experience, the VALUATION SPECIALISTS advantage can be summed up in one word: choice. Our status as a nationwide valuation firm provides for a full spectrum of valuation services that smaller firms cannot offer. From our Limited Valuation to our full-blown Certified Valuation, we're prepared to determine the price tag for all your business efforts.

Our valuation experts continuously travel around the country performing business valuations for a variety of companies. When you require experience, accuracy, and professionalism, look to the VALUATION SPECIALISTS experts.

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